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Squadron Staff

Commander Lt Col Brandon Welch
Deputy Commander for Seniors Vacant
Deputy Commander for Cadets Capt Nicholas Schroder
Squadron NCO Vacant
Safety Officer Capt Nicholas Schroder
Administration Officer Vacant 
Aerospace Education Officer Capt Liam Donahue
Chaplain Vacant
Character Development Instructor Vacant
Health Services Officer Vacant
Historian Vacant
Communications Officer Vacant
Emergency Services Officer 1st Lt Matt Moore
Disaster Preparedness Officer Vacant
Emergency Services Training Officer Vacant
Search and rescue Officer Vacant
Finance Officer 1st Lt Matt Moore
Information Technologies Officer Vacant
Logistics Officer Capt Liam Donahue
Transportation Officer Maj Michael Garrity
Maintenance Officer Vacant
Supply Officer Vacant
Public Affairs Officer Maj Michael Garrity
Recruiting and Retention Officer Vacant
Alerting Officer Lt Col Brandon Welch
Homeland Security Officer Vacant
Operations Officer Vacant
Stan/Eval Officer Vacant
Personnel Officer Vacant
Professional Development Officer Vacant
Testing Officer 1st Lt Matt Moore
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